Cycling routes and tips

You’ll find great cycling routes near Nice, so make sure to avail yourself of the fantastic terrain.

The area north of Nice with Villa Romarine as your starting point is one of the best cycling terrains in Europe. Lots of professional cyclists live and practice in the area.

It’s a very beautiful and varied terrain with possibilities of relatively flat routes, hills with 100-400 vertical metres and mountains with up to 1,000 vertical metres (vm).

From Villa Romarine there are great cycling routes in every direction. There are a lot of calm and quiet roads, and if you wish you can ride your bike along the beautiful and refreshing Mediterranean coast.

We have shown a variation of cycling routes suggestions below, and you’ll find links for lots more on Facebook

Easy cycling routes near Nice

East – Mont Chauve, 70 km, 1,200 vm

This mountainous terrain is often included in the final stage of the cycling race Paris-Nice. 

Ride your bike to the Var Valley and ride the gradient up towards lovely Levens. The trip continues around Mont Chauve, and if you wish you can climb the 800 m high mountain before going back home. 

Link to the route:

West – Col de Vence, 55 km, 1,000 vm 

Ride north along the mountainside past cosy villages and on roads almost free of traffic. 

Climb Col de Vence from the northern side on the edge of a beautiful gorge with steep rock sides. On the top you’ll find a unique view of Nice and all the way to the Esterel Mountains behind Cannes. 

Link to the route:

Cykelroute in South France, Villa Romarine by KKP Provence, Nice og Col d´Eze
South – Nice and Col d’Eze, 90 km, 1,800 vm 

Ride your bike to St. Jeannet with its unusual rock formations and follow the road to the coast. Follow the road through Nice towards Monaco. 

Climb Col d’Eze as in the cycling race Paris-Nice. On your way home, you’ll pass the wine area Bellet before the last gradient to Villa Romarine. 

Link to the route: 

Harder cycling routes near Nice

North-east – Col de Turini, Froome’s favourite, 125 km, 3,000 vm 

This is a real mountain route, and you need to be in good shape to complete it. Ride north in the beautiful and calm Vesubie Valley with gorges and the river rushing next to the road and your bike. 

Ride Col de Turini from the east with more than 1,000 vm on a 7% gradient. From the top you go back south, and before the town Contes, you pass through a unique, deserted, beautiful and elongated prairie-like landscape. 

Go for the final gradients – we recommend coffee and some sugar in Aspremont before the last descent and the gradient back to Villa Romarine. 

Link to the route: 

Cykelroute Provence South France, Villa Romarine by KKP Provence, Col d'Eze pg Peille
Southeast – Col d’Eze and the village Peille, 120 km, 2,000 vm 

This route is long and hard with a good combination of cycling along the water and in the mountainous terrain with its cosy towns – among others the historic villages La Turbie og Peille. 

Ride your bike to Nice and up to Col d’Eze. Then it will be more level towards La Turbie and Peille. 

The trip home goes up and down in the beautiful hills behind Nice with a final 6% gradient from the Var Valley up to Villa Romarine. 

Link to the route:

Northwest – Ascros and Toudon, 100 km, 1,500 vm 

Go north from Villa Romarine along the mountainsides with few gradients. You’ll meet the longer hills from Roquesteron about halfway – we can recommend stopping here for lunch. 

On your way to Ascros you’ll get a gradient of 500 vm, after which you get a long stretch in 1,000 metres height with a magnificent view. 

At last you’ll descent past Bonson, the town on the mountain slope, and on your way up to Villa Romarine you’ll meet a 3% gradient. 

Link to the route: 

More routes and inspiration on Facebook and Strava

See more exciting routes and get more inspiration on cycling from Villa Romarine on our Facebook page about cycling. 

Among other things you’ll find a link to the Nice Ironman route, where Villa Romarine is situated. 

As a guest in Villa Romarine, you’re more than welcome to use our Facebook page to: 

  • download/use prepared routes on Strava, 
  • upload your own routes or 
  • share good advice, experiences, comments etc. 


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Something about Villa Romarine Cycling

Thomas Schelde Pedersen has made Villa Romarine Cycling. Thomas was based in Nice 2012-2013 and has great knowledge of cycling and the routes in the area. 

In Denmark, Thomas cycles with the cycling club Sorø BC and since 2017 he has been coach for Équipe Cycliste Veloropa. 

3-4 times a year, Thomas is in Villa Romarine to ride his bike, and his routes and Instagram photos from the routes can be seen on his Strava profile.  


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