Arrange your own cycling holiday

The holiday house Villa Romarine is very suitable as a starting point for a cycling holiday with friends or a cycling club. It’s easy to arrange your own cycling holiday by means of a few simple steps: 

Agree on when to leave, and … 

  • Book Villa Romarine 
  • Book your flights 
  • Book your bikes 
  • Book a rental car 

Nice and easy! Now you just need to maintain your great form a look forward to a great cycling experience in a beautiful terrain with Villa Romarine as your luxury base. 

A one-week cycling holiday in April, May or June only costs 450-600 GP/per person including stay, flight and car rental for 6 people. An extended weekend is 350-450 GP/per person. 

Book Villa Romarine 

You may want to book a cycling holiday for a week in spring, where the climate is perfect for cycling. 

The house fits 8 guests. If none of the participants are a couple, the house is suitable for groups from 5-7 people sharing 5 bedrooms. 

Book Villa Romarine

Book your flight

SAS and Norwegian have daily departures to Nice. The flight is only 2,5 hours long. 

Because of the short flight, it’s possible to fit in half a day in the bike saddle. 

It’s also possible to pack the car and drive from Denmark to Villa Romarine. The duration of the trip is 18 hours altogether – a little more than driving on skiing holiday in the Alps. 

You can save the local car rental, if you go by car. If not all of you are driving, some of you can go by plane and get picked up in the airport. 

Book your flight with British Airways

Book your flight with Air France

Book your bikes 

If you travel with SAS or Norwegian, you can bring your bikes on the plane. 

Or you can rent a top quality racing bike locally and get it delivered and picked up at Villa Romarine. Have a look under Renting a racing bike. 

If you are travelling with SAS, you have to choose the ticket type SAS Go. Then you can bring your bikes free of charge in a bicycling suitcase instead of bringing an ordinary suitcase. 

When travelling with Norwegian you can choose your bikes as special luggage when ordering – after choosing ordinary luggage and seating. The price for the bike is 400 kr. each way. 

Pack your bike in a bicycling suitcase or turn the handlebars, dismount the pedals and let out some of the air in the tires. If you have a carbon bike, a bicycling suitcase is recommended. 

Book your racing bike local

Book your car rental

It’s quite easy to rent a car in Nice Airport for transport to and from Villa Romarine.  

We recommend Rentalcars, where you can find the best prices among the agencies. 

Book your car rental from Nice Airport 

Everything fun

Arrange your own cycling holiday – planning 

Plan your bike routes with inspiration from the routes in the menu 

Cykelruter og tips

You can also have a look at some extra exciting routes and gather inspiration for cycling trips from Villa Romarine on our Facebook page about cycling.

Arrange your own cycling holiday – help and inspiration 

Thomas Schelde Pedersen has great experience in cycling in the area, and he’ll be happy to help and advise your group as to how to arrange a great cycling holiday. 

Thomas has lived in Nice from 2012-2013, and he can, among other things, help you with: 

  • Cycling guides for your trips 
  • A private chef to cook for you in the holiday house Villa Romarine 

Contact Thomas at or +4528862154. 


ruter ved Nice - lav din egen cykelrejse

Thomas Schelde Pedersen på cykelrejse ved Nice, Villa Romarine.


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