Arrival and map

Everything is ready upon arrival to the holiday house

In order to make your stay in Villa Romarine as relaxing as possible, we have made sure to provide you with clean linen, towels dish cloths etc. (And you don’t have to launder it before you leave – just lean back and relax.)

We have also made sure to fill up the bar and the wine rack; this way you can enjoy a refreshment on the patio in our lovely holiday home nearby Nice. You’ll find dry foods in the kitchen cupboards, so you can start out with the basics and supplement with a few, local purchases and wait a few days to go grocery shopping for real.

When you leave the holiday house, we would appreciate it if you fill up the bar and the cupboards, making it possible for the next guests to have the same welcome you had.

Nord for Nice, Villa Romarine med udsigt ud over Provence Syditalien

Holiday house north of Nice

Villa Romarine is situated just north of Nice between the lovely local towns Carros Village and Gattières.

Our holiday house is located in the Carros municipality, which consists of 16 merged villages. The history of the village Carros Village, just north of Nice, can be traced back more than 2,000 years. The firs traces of human inhabitants, in the exact same spot as Carros Village, can be dated back to the last decade of the Iron Age.

Towards southwest, not too far from Villa Romarine, the municipality borders on Carros. Gattiéres is a municipality with a village of the same name. The municipality has a little more than 4,000 inhabitants and together with the town Gattières, the municipality has a bloody past, as Gattiéres for several years – and several times – has been caught in the crossfire in the fight over Sardinia. Many hundred years later, in 1944, the town was further marked by arrestations, torture and hangings carried out by German soldiers.

A stroll through the town will reveal medieval roads, beautiful flowers and restored antique drinking fountains as well as houses. Several of the houses have a beautiful inscription of XVIII (18th century) above the doorway.

The distance from the Danish border to the holiday house nearby Nice is 1,600 km.
The distance from Nice Airport to the holiday house is 19 km.

We will send you general travel advice with the exact address etcetera before your departure.

Travel guide

Travel to Nice via direct airplane (British Airways and Norwegian). You can rent a car, call a cab or take the bus from the airport to Villa Romarine.

Car rental

It’s easy, and there’s several agencies to choose from. Rent your car at Avis, Europcar, Budget, Hertz and others at Rentalcars. You can read more about car rental from for instance Nice Airport at Guide-billig-billeje.


It’s cheapest to contact a local taxi, state your flight number and arrange pick-up in the airport. The price range is approximately 60 EUR, whereas a random taxi at the airport can cost you more than 100 EUR. Contact details for local taxis:

  • Pascal, +33684841484
  • Eric, +33634994714
  • Christophe, +33699495851 (car for 6 passengers)

It’s also possible to take bus 70 just outside the airport on the Promenade des Anglais. Get on in the northern side of the road towards Carros Pagnol for 1,5 EUR. From Carros Pagnol there’s 5 km uphill to the holiday house. There’s a local bus line, but it’s not running frequently, so you might want to call a taxi instead.

Nord for Nice, luftbillede af Nice Provence Sydfrankrig, ferie i Villa Romarine


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